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This past weekend was bananas. It was the kind of weekend where you’re psyched about everything going on, but you also kind of want to be a hermit who lives in a cave forever and ever.

Throw in the fact that our air conditioner broke, so we had to spend one night on the Eastern Shore with the in-laws… yeah. 

Anyway, Saturday was the Mid-Atlantic Brewsic Festival, and I was lucky enough to help run the first-ever Mid-Atlantic Brewsic Festival Firk-Off. (I know. Tough life.) Flying Dog ultimately took home the gold with a firkin of Raging Bitch of habanero and mango — what became their brewhouse rarity — but DuClaw and Abita weren’t far behind. 

Sunday was my Christmas in July party at 1747 Pub at Reynold’s Tavern. I got to ride in a London cab, Nathan dressed up in a reindeer onesie, we sang a lot of Christmas songs, we danced, we got my felt Christmas bird Frederick drunk, we ate a lot of cookies and we drank a lot of good seasonal beer. Though I must admit I was the seasonal creep bastard who mostly drank Elysian’s Night Owl, a pumpkin ale, all afternoon.

Sorry not sorry, etc.

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