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As I shared not too long ago, (f)unemployment can be tough — waffling between a pants and no-pants lifestyle, etc. Recently I resolved to make the most of this mini adult vacation as I can with adventures and day trips, since I know I will be back at work soon

So yesterday, Lindsay, Chuck and I traveled out to “America’s Coolest Small Town” — Berlin, Maryland

After lunch at Rayne’s Reef on Main Street, we headed onward to our destination — Burley Oak. (They once collaborated with DRY 85 on a deelish brew called “Bourbon Blonde.”) I’ve had more than a handful of their brews before, but I came to two conclusions during our trip: They make a lot of great beer in a diverse range of styles, and I really, really love their taproom. 

Of the beers I tasted, my favorite was the Secret Sauce, their experimental IPA. I also really liked the Waffle Stomper Belgian IPA and the SuperFun Oatmeal Stout. I ended up coming home with a bottle of their small batch, brewery-only release Fat Kid doppelbock. Our server, Nicole,  was the coolest. I didn’t ask her to, but she got my bottle autographed by Burley Justin himself. If you click that last link and then look at the bottle above, you’ll understand why I am never throwing out that bottle. 

On our way home, we decided to “Support local cows!” with a stop at Chesapeake Bay Farms. We had ice cream, made a new cow friend (the other one pictured is napping, not deceased) and hung around outside. It was the perfect ending to a perfect road trip.

Next week? Mully’s Brewery in Prince Frederick! 

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