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After last night’s shenanigans, many thank yous are in order: 

  1. Thank you to Nathan of The Beer Spy and the Annapolis Homebrew Club for teaming up for last night’s event! (See: Thanks for letting me crash.)

  2. Thank you to the Federal House family for being awesome, as always — specifically Josh and Zack, who took care of us all last night. (Check out how they featured AHBC on the drafts menu! So cool.)

  3. Thank you to Greg for wearing the greatest “thug life” ring set I have ever seen. Never change.

  4. A big thank you to Justin from Jailbreak for partying with us! You’re such a big supporter of the Annapolis beer scene, and that’s awesome.

  5. Also, thank you to Matt of Calvert Brewing Company for being totally okay with the fact that I’m an ass who is terrible with names. 

  6. Thank you to everyone who came, regardless of who invited you. It was a blast!

  7. And finally, thank you, beer. Thank you for being you. Love, me.

See you guys at next month’s shindig! Until then… 

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