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In honor of American Craft Beer Week, every day this week I will pay tribute to the six states and one city I have lived in since I was born in 1982, with a beer I haven’t had before. It’s basically a thinly-veiled excuse to drink a ton of beer, under the guise of “being personal.” I’m cool with it if you are.

Day two: The Tradition by DC Brau — Washington, D.C.

Okay, I admit this isn’t a totally new beer — I had it for the first time a few days ago. But the beer I was originally going to profile today, a mystery bottle that’s been hanging around since my trip to meet the Colonial Williamsburg head brewer exploded immediately upon opening it.

Insert “just happy to see me” jokes here. 

I knew this could happen, as it was an experimental and potentially unstable beer, per the brewer. Still, I consider this a total dick move on the beer’s part. So rude and inconsiderate. 

Anyway, today I’m saluting Washington, D.C., the place I consider my hometown, in spite of my random California roots. It was in a townhouse off New Mexico Avenue NW in Washington where I slammed the door to the bathroom in my mother’s face as an apparently potty-independent toddler during a dinner party, loudly proclaiming “I can do it myself!” This was a year or so after I dismantled my crib in the middle of the night, according to my mother. No joke.

I was such a delightful child. I don’t know why on earth my parents opted not to have any more children after me.

Years later, after one of our first dates to watch the Cherry Blossom fireworks at the Southwest Waterfront, Patrick and I would go on to live in our first “quaint” English basement apartment in Capitol Hill, followed by places in Glover Park, Bloomingdale and H Street NE, after we moved out of our first glamorous apartment in Beltsville. (More on that later this week.) 

The beer itself is brewed in honor of the District’s Major League Soccer team, DC United. I think soccer is okay, and I’ve never been to a DC United game, so there’s no deeper personal connection for me. It’s just a neat little beer that I came across while I was perusing a Washington, D.C. liquor store over the weekend — sorry, Marylanders. This beer is only available in the city. 

From DC Brau:

"My motivation for making this particular beer with D.C. United came from a willingness to make an ale that all soccer fans can enjoy," said DC Brau President and Head Brewer Jeff Hancock. "United fans drink all kinds of different beer, and with this particular ale I wanted it to reach a broad spectrum of palettes from those who drink everything from light lagers to hoppy pale ales. There’s a little something for everybody in this Golden Ale!"

Dubbed a golden ale, The Tradition clocks in at a sessionable 5 percent ABV. It’s super tasty, sweet, refreshing and ultimately inoffensive. But drink it quickly. Though you don’t want to drink it icy cold, it doesn’t warm very well — not surprising, because most super-refreshing beers ripe for summer drinking aren’t meant to ever be enjoyed warm. So that’s just common sense. 

It’s floral. It’s just a bit spicy. It has some nice biscuit notes, too. It didn’t blow my mind, but I think they were successful in achieving what they wanted to accomplish — the creation of a beer that appeals to a broad swath of folks who might typically prefer contradictory beer styles. 

So uh, Vamos United?

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