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You’d think, after the Saturday we had, I would have had the good sense to be a responsible adult and stay home. Nope

Instead I went to DRY 85’s Bacon Brunch — served every Sunday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. — with the Naptown Pint Beer Club and then drove to Baltimore for the Orioles game.

Well, if we’re being honest, I got brunch with the Club, then I attempted to drive to Baltimore for the game… but got completely lost by missing my exit instead. After I pulled over for gas and made a couple “spirited” (see: frantic) phone calls, I arrived at Camden Yards. 

Anyway, seeing as the game was a bust for the Orioles, other than Nelson Cruz’s homerun, let’s just focus on brunch. 

Here are my unrefined thoughts on DRY 85’s Bacon Brunch:

  1. Yes, this is a gimmick. It’s bacon. Bacon sells, and bacon is everywhere — even when it shouldn’t be. Kind of like Betty White! But what DRY 85 is doing here works. It’s a gimmick that’s executed extremely well in a way that is obviously thoughtful and sustainable.

    Hell, that chocolate covered bacon you see up there? That’s not sugar on it. That’s powered bacon, because their chef figured out how to powder bacon. Right? This dedication borders on psychosis, but I’m not sure I care. It’s delicious.

  2. Given that most of their Bacon Brunch push has to do with drinks, I was worried that my beer-loving self would be left out in the cold. Lo and behold, their diverse list sustained me. If it’s there when you go, I highly recommend Jailbreak’s Welcome to Scoville jalapeno and cilantro IPA. It worked incredibly well what what I ordered. Which was everything.

    They also have a small plate called “Hogs n Hops,” which is made for beer drinkers: “Two Pieces Each of Our Double Smoked, Applewood Smoked and Candied Bacon paired with the Pale Ale of the Day,” according to the menu. Didn’t have it this time, but I’m going to try that when I go back with Patrick.

  3. You see those deviled eggs up there? With the itty bitty bacon strips? Order them. Why? They’re resting on a yummy pillow of bacon jam. I’m not sure I need to sell these any further.

  4. I admit I strayed from my beer for the Bacon Bloody. I’m going to superficially lean on the old adage that you should never trust a craft beer drinker who only drinks beer, but honestly, again… bacon.

    Bacon vodka. Crunchy, maple-covered bacon as a garnish. I’m already a Bloody Mary fan, but this was very tasty. Not too spicy, not too, well, bacon-y, if you can believe it. If you like Bloody Marys, you need to try this.

  5. I know DRY 85 has the reputation for being more on the pricey side, and it’s true — you’re not going to find anything bottomless here. That said, the pricing is fair, and you’re paying for quality and attention to detail. Also, if you’d like to see what brunch robbery really feels like, order a standard $12-15 mimosa in downtown D.C.; then let’s chat.

Overall, a round of applause for the folks at DRY 85. This is a fun, weekly menu that’s perfect for entertaining out-of-towners or nursing/exacerbating your hangover from the night before.

That’s right: We all saw what you did at Metropolitan… and then 1747 Pub last night. For shame!

Oh wait, that was me. 

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