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Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I figured I’d share something from last week. 

Between living in Annapolis, working in National Harbor, Patrick working in Washington, D.C., and the Internet, it can be a bit tough to carve out some us time during the week. So, because I’m compulsively Type-A about certain things, I try to have a date night at our dining room table once a week… ish. 

The whole eating-at-the-table ritual makes me feel very adult and in control, as if it somehow negates how much I act like a child during the rest of the day. 

Well, last week, Patrick convinced me to stop being such a control freak and relax in the kitchen instead — we didn’t need the table. So we perched ourselves on the kitchen counter for over three hours, listening to one of my favorite playlists on the stereo, drinking a lot of great beer (including the yummy Left Hand St. Vrain tripel), eating good food and just talking. 

I didn’t go near a computer, a TV or a phone all night. And I didn’t even bother trying to act like a responsible adult. It was not only really romantic, it also was therapeutic.

I highly recommend kitchen counter dates to everyone.

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