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The last time I was at the Annapolis Maritime Museum was last summer for the Annapolis Homebrew Club’s Brews by the Bay event. And after the Hops-n-Tots “hoppy hour” for Annapolis Beer Week last night, I want every beer event possible to be held in this space. 

Here’s why last night was awesome: 

  1. The views are stupid gorgeous, and there’s something very relaxing (and very Annapolis) about drinking a good beer while looking out over the water. 

  2. Don Haller of the Annapolis Homebrew Club took third place in the Widmer Brothers homebrew competition. And there was only a 0.5-point margin between him and second place. I thought his Gingerbread Spiced Ale should have won, because it was so, so good. Then again, I didn’t try any of the other beers, and I’m also totally biased.

  3. Tater tots. So many tater tots. And remoulade. And Old Bay. And cheese. (And, and, and.) There are no pictures of my tots because they didn’t last long enough for me to take a picture of them. Because I ate them. Because tater tots. TOTS

  4. The beer was dope. They were pouring the Fordham Rams Head IPA, Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager, Widmer Brothers Alchemy Ale, Devils Backbone Schwartz Bier, Victory Swing Session Saison and… uh… maybe another one? Actually maybe not. I don’t remember, but I also have the memory of a slightly concussed goldfish. Wasn’t a huge fan of the Abita, but loved the Alchemy Ale. Hands down favorite of the night.

I am so glad this event lived up to the ridiculous hype I had built up in my own head. I am also glad that Mother Nature gave us a reprieve from rain and snow and all the other fronts of weather sadness we’ve been getting lately last night. 

Oh, I almost forgot to congratulate Matthew Diorio and Greg Thorton of the Roasthouse Pub in Frederick (misspelled on the certificate) for taking first place last night with their ‘Merica Pale Ale! Woohoo! 

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