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Last week was a long one at work — a good one, but long nonetheless. Because sometimes adulthood requires annoying things like responsibility and working later than usual. Thankfully I work out of National Harbor, so I’m not only rewarded at work with awesome coworkers, but also a stupidly gorgeous, panoramic view of the Potomac.

But once I called it quits at 7:13 p.m. on Friday, I was ready to enjoy the weekend.

We kicked off Friday night by heading straight to the Maryland Tap Takeover at 1747 Pub. I tried the DuClaw Dirty Little Freak, the Stillwater Stateside Saison and the Union Brewing Rye Baby. The Rye Baby and Stateside Saison were my personal favorites, though there were plenty I didn’t get to try.

After 1747, we headed down Main Street with a friend from Bethesda to DRY 85. I had the La Pétroleuse by The Brewer’s Art, Patrick had the Old Crab barley wine by White Marsh Brewing and Wilfredo rocked the Devils Backbone Vienna Lager. As I promised someone on Friday, I ignored my bias against lagers and tried the Vienna Lager; I have to say, I was surprised by how much I liked it. 

The evening ended with a quick jaunt to Red Red Wine Bar, a place I have walked by a million times and never gone in. I’m really glad I did. I reaffirmed my love for DC Brau’s The Citizen, danced to Pressing Strings — who are really good, by the way — and hung out with some very cool, honest people. I’m not going to go too much into it, because it’s only relevant to me, but I love being continually reminded by how it’s often the most spontaneous decisions that lead to some of the most incredible evenings. 

Then I woke up yesterday feeling maxed out. Not physically. Just emotionally drained. It’s not that anything bad happened; the past few weeks (months) have been fun, but also exceptionally busy. So I decided to take most of the day to disconnect. I shared two things on Facebook and then called it a day— no Twitter, no personal Facebook and very little email.

Instead, we embraced the important people in our life by celebrating my best friend's son's first birthday. And then we capped off the day by running rather boring errands like going to Target to buy housewares and a $6 ceramic snail (really) and unsuccessfully getting a haircut.

I really love boring stuff like that. Seriously, grocery shopping gives me an over-inflated sense of control in a world full of chaos. Don’t get me wrong: Events and group outings and craft beer festivals out the ears are all super fun — moments I wouldn’t trade for anything. But balance is crucial, and it’s unfortunately something I’m not terribly good at. Yesterday reminded me that I need to take time to do that more often. 

Anyway, tonight Patrick leaves for the landlocked hellscape that is Missouri, so today we’re going to visit DuClaw and see a movie. Then later, a quick jaunt to Metropolitan. 

Oh crap. I just realized I should have probably put pants on ages ago. Oops.

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