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I know in a few short months (see: days, weeks), I’ll be whining like a 3-year-old over how it feels like Satan’s butt outside. I am strong enough to admit I’ve never been one to take summer gracefully.

But for today, it’s nice to have the sun shining. Especially on a Sunday. Sundays are my favorite day of the week as an adult.

Why? Sundays are for watching Sunday morning… and crying a little bit during this piece on a man who has found a silver lining in his ALS diagnosis. Bagels. Lazy dogs. Domokun pajamas. Law & Order marathons on TNT. And justifying opening up a beer to share at 10:30 because someone is brunching somewhere.

I have a lot of adventures I need to share with you still. The incredible Goose Island game dinner I went to last week. My February happy hour. Yesterday’s trip to Baltimore.

But for now, it’s Sunday. The day I used to dread as a teenager back in the Stone Age is now the most relaxing and uplifting day of the week.

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