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A sneak peak of the Mango Habanero IPA wasn’t the only thing I had a chance to try while I was at Flying Dog last week. Randy Olmstead, the owner and culinary mastermind behind Frederick’s The Perfect Truffle was on hand to share his latest chocolate creation:

Chocolate truffles made with Cascade hops — the floral, moderately bitter darling of the west coast.

Full disclosure: I’m not a chocolate person. I’m just not. So I wasn’t surprised when my mouth felt completely flummoxed — and maybe even a little emotionally violated — with my first sample. It was similar to the reaction I had to 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon when I first tried it a few years ago. My brain is still processing that one.

But then, a miracle happened: My face got used to what I was tasting. I realized there was a dance party in my mouth, and I was absolutely invited.

The hops were not subtle, but it balanced with the chocolate. The best way I can describe the experience of eating this truffle is that it was like breaking open a fresh hop cone in your fingers and getting that burst of floral aroma… but exclusively with your face and mouth. When you popped one of these bad boys in your mouth, it was your average chocolate shell that burst with flavor and happiness and freedom as soon as you bit into it. It was a neat way to experience that act with an alternate sense.

Also, let me tell you how awesome that truffle was with the Mango Habanero IPA. Chocolate, hops and heat? Incredible. I definitely had seconds.

Okay, I had four. Whatever. Don’t judge me.

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