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This morning I made a proclamation on the Internet — which makes it totally legit, right? — that I was only going to drink American craft beer for the month of February.

This went swimmingly. For the first few hours. And then by 4 p.m., I was sipping on some Rosé de Gambrinus by Cantillon from Brussels, Belgium, in Nathan and Casey’s kitchen.

It was worth it, though. According to the lovely people at Cantillon, “‘Raspberry-Lambic’ already was synonymous with a sweet, artificially flavoured beer. This is why we decided to distinguish our beer from the other raspberry beers.” Apparently they decided to distinguish their beer from others by adding a heaping dose of kickass.

Historically I’ve avoided lambics, sours and other similar beers. But as I’ve explored the style more and more, it seems that the same thing I said previously about IPAs holds true here too: The market is cluttered with a lot of crap, which can sometimes drown out truly out of this world gems. This is one of those gems, and I’m completely hooked.

On a related note, Patrick had his own light bulb moment with IPAs today, while we were out to brunch at Metropolitan. Surprise, surprise, it was Victory’s HopDevil. Just like I did not too long ago.

And on an unrelated note, Murder She Wrote is amazing. But Cabot Cove is a the Murder Capital of the World, and Jessica Fletcher is a murder magnet.

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