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I love when people come to visit — especially when they’re beer nerds like me. Why? Because that means I can cram a visit to all of my favorite joints into a couple of hours. And I can pitch it to Patrick as a purely selfless endeavor: “But, but, Tasha is from Chicago! We’re providing a service as tour guides!”

He knows it’s complete crap, but he humors me for some mysterious reason that I will never question — that way I can continue to perpetrate these elaborate ruses of philanthropy.

Anyway, we had three stops for yesterday’s wee Annapolis tour…

Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge
I know, I know. I was just there. I just wrote about this place. You’ll get over it. Or if not, too bad, because I’m over it. Why? Well, first off, that short rib benedict was incredible, and I can be bought with good food anytime. Second, now that the draft lines there are a little less ALL THE IPAS like it was a couple days ago, I enjoyed a pint of Terrapin’s Moo-Hoo Milk Chocolate Sout — which I fell in love with on Saturday — and Great Divide’s Claymore Scotch Ale. Overall, it was the perfect brunch.

On an unrelated note, I don’t know how they do it, but most Annapolis women somehow look ~*~*~flawless~*~*~ by Sunday morning, no matter what happened the night before. Whereas I quietly spent our hour there wondering if I had remembered to put on deodorant, even though we hadn’t done anything wild and crazy the night before — unless you consider marathoning season four of The Good Wife a cry for help. I’m a disaster. (Crisis averted: I totally did.)

1747 Pub at Reynold’s Tavern
The second stop on our journey was our old favorite right under Reynold’s Tavern, 1747 Pub. Not only did I get to enjoy some of Eastern Shore Brewing’s 5 Year Twitch, a tripel (really good) — and a quick hug from their resident bow tie maven and bartender, Christian — I also found out that they do beer flights of four drafts for only $5. Had I known about it, I would have totally gotten a flight of beers instead. I wish more places did that — especially places like 1747 that have a revolving door of awesome, unique beers, where it’s almost impossible to choose just one or two to drink.

I just wish they had it noted on the menu instead, because I didn’t even notice the sign advertising their flights until after we were heading out the door.

Granted, I may not be the best barometer of whether or not they’re advertising it well — historically I’m not terribly perceptive about my surroundings. For example, I spent a good portion of this morning looking for my phone, only to realize that for the entire 10 minutes I had been panicking, my phone was in my left hand.

DRY 85
Our last stop on our field trip was DRY 85. Apparently I fear change — or I was simply tired of making decisions — because I ordered the Brewer’s Art Resurrection, as I did the first time I visited. There wasn’t much change to their draft list. Brooklyn’s Brown Ale and Stone’s Arrogant Bastard were now available, but those came on tap within days of my first visit.

So I guess it’s important to remember that their diverse beer list is not going to change as often as we may be used to at other local bars. Why? Well, the bartender confirmed they have a couple of kegs of each beer listed. That’s not uncommon obviously, but given this is a bourbon and whiskey bar first, it’s probably going to take longer for those kegs to kick, leading to less turnover. It’s not a bad thing, because what they have on tap is solid. It’s simply something to keep in mind.

Edit added, Jan 21: Well, pardon me while I eat my words just a little bit. Yes, the churn on the new draft offerings may have been a little slower than usual to start, but today they just added a Ommegang’s Rare Vos, with limited availability. A nice indicator of things to come.

Edit added, Jan. 24: Now DRY 85 is hosting the DC Brau release party for their Maryland launch. So look at how wrong I am. In this case, however, I’m totally cool with being wrong. DRY 85 is proving to be quite the little game-changer for the Annapolis beer scene. And I dig it.


I’m not typically a bar-hopper. Bar-hopping, to me, is defined as hopping out of bed and making a home on a stool at a single bar before I decide it’s naptime again and go home. But I’m glad I made the exception, because our adventure with Tasha around Naptown was really fun. And soon we’ll be visiting her in Chicago for our own little tour.

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