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Last night, I was supposed to go to yoga. Then not yoga, but the gym. Neither of those things happened. Instead, I went to Mills Fine Wine & Spirits for their Stout and About beer tasting — and to reminisce with Jerry (the owner of Mills) about the Don and Mike Show, an old local radio show from back in the day. After that, I went to Annebeth’s to hang with Dave and acquire the Iron Maiden beer they got in this week. When I finally got home, Patrick and I turned on some I-D Discovery show, only to fall asleep sitting up on the couch before 10 p.m.

I’m the best at exercising. And crazy Friday nights.

Also, I always find it funny how NPR often refers to Obama as “Mr. Obama” when they’re recapping news items for the day. Like it’s your kindly old neighbor, Mr. Obama, addressing new restrictions on the NSA, just before he gives you a pie his wife made. But be careful, it’s hot.

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