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In my mind, I have such grand designs when it comes to this blog about crisp, streamlined content, but it never works out that way. This blog is basically an Internet representation of myself in real life — I’m enthusiastic and well-intentioned, but I definitely tripped over a vacuum, three pairs of shoes and this fat bastard on my way out the door this morning. And pretty much every morning prior.

I bring this up because there are so many flippin’ awesome things that are happening right now in the local beer scene, but all you’re going to get is a sad little list of those things.

My most recent article in The Capital
Let’s get the shameless self-promotion out of the way first. Every Wednesday, I subject the fine citizens of Annapolis to my drivel. This week was no different when I recapped the Fordham & Dominion collaboration beer dinner with Flying Dog at Rams Head Tavern. Typically I just update this page when I have a new article to share — although hilariously enough, as of writing this, I haven’t put this one on there — but given how amazing it was to see these breweries come together as an example of the best parts of the craft beer industry, it deserves a shout out. See? It wasn’t completely about me.

We’ve finally got growler freedom in Anne Arundel County
You may or may not remember that time I was whining about how I couldn’t fill my own growlers at retailers in Anne Arundel County, but then it turned out I was kind of right, but for the wrong reasons. Well, craft beer drunks rejoice, because The Beer Spy has good news: The government finally worked out its communication issues and you can now take a growler from any AA County license holder to other AA County establishments that fill growlers — unless they have some sort of wonky, independent store policy. So go forth, and take your Annebeth’s growler to Fishpaws or Bay Ridge or wherever you want!

Fordham Brewing Company revamped their look, and it’s sharp
Last night at Rams Head Tavern, Fordham Brewing Company unveiled their new look — which had been teased when they did a limited, on-site release of a Route 1 Session IPA test batch back in December. While I’ve heard some say they think it’s too muted or not as bright and bold as before, I disagree. I like it. A lot. The new design aesthetic is more authentic to their brand personality of polished, modern takes on classics. And even though the color palette is not as in-your-face as before, the way they play with contrast to be quite striking and eye-catching. I also think this new look will give their off-premise retail displays a visual uniformity that lends itself more easily to immediate brand recognition by consumers. So yes, you may fear change, but I dig it. Also, it should be noted that the Helles Lager is now going to be known as the Gypsy Lager. Because they said so.

Oh, Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge… how do I love thee?
Not only is my happy hour there tonight — you should come — this place has brought me happiness in a way that is near and dear to my heart: tacos. Ever since I spotted the braised short rib tacos on their menu at brunch on my 31st birthday back in October, I knew I had to have them. It only took me about three months, because you can’t rush art, but last night I finally ordered them. Sweet baby Jebus. They were out of control good, especially with the Otter Creek Black IPA recommended to me by their beer manager, Brendan. Seriously, Otter Creek has stolen the “Liz’s favorite Black IPA” crown from 21st Amendment’s Back in Black with this bad boy. This beer has a little more body, giving it a creaminess in the mouthfeel that takes it over the top for me.

NaptownPint.com got a facelift
Depending on how or where you’re reading this, you may not have noticed that the website got a facelift. After two months of saying I would make much some needed changes around here, but then taking a nap or farting on the dogs instead — the latter is really fun, because they look really confused when I do it. There is still some serious tweaking that still needs to be done, but for now, this will do. And maybe this weekend (see: next year), I’ll finally get around to better organizing and updating the train wreck that is my archives page. I dare to dream.

Well, that’s about it. I think. I probably forgot something, but whatever. I could find a way to beautifully wrap up this post, or I could just end it awkwardly. Like when someone stops talking randomly in the middle of a sen

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