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Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that Hercules is currently making the east coast its prison bitch. Everyone from here in Annapolis to Boston is being pummeled with big fluffy snowflakes that, for science reasons, are bigger and fluffier than usual.

Thankfully one of my DC pals, Aris, not only reminded me tonight of our amazing time at Fordham & Dominion’s Cheesetoberfest last year with his #ThrowbackThursday, he also prompted me to bust out a my bottle of Dominion’s Morning Glory Espresso Stout that’s been hiding in our fridge. 

There’s something about snow and stouts that just does it for me. Especially ones like Morning Glory with dominant coffee and cocoa notes. It warms me on the inside while it’s freezing outside.

And yes, beer does taste better when tilted to the left. Also for science reasons. The more you know.

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