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This was our first Christmas in Annapolis, and it was nothing short of perfect. Of course, there were some Griswald moments as we got closer to Christmas morning, with shopping and parties and wrapping and dogs eating through stockings only to vomit chocolate all over the carpet.

But overall, even with the chaos, this Christmas was the holiday equivalent of Fort Kickass

We went for Christmas Eve tea at Reynold’s Tavern and then skipped downstairs to 1747 Pub to drink 21st Amendment’s Almond Milk Porter and decipher Natty Boh puzzle bottle caps. We wrapped up our Christmas Eve with a bit of last-minute shopping and watching Die Hard, because it’s a motherflippin’ Christmas movie

Christmas Day was, as expected, a complete whirlwind of opening presents (which included so much amazing beer, hooray!), celebrating our month-old nephew’s first Christmas, egg nog, more amazing beer and lots and lots of hugs and wrapping paper. 

I was going to make a lovely Christmas dinner that night of chicken, butternut squash with sage and Brussels sprouts and pancetta. It didn’t happen, of course, due to one part being full from the family Christmas lunch and three parts sheer laziness. In fact, we didn’t have that lovely meal until two days later. At like 10 p.m. Whoops.

The holiday isn’t over yet, however. We’re traveling to Dogfish Head in Delaware this week, and we’ll be celebrating New Year’s Eve in Baltimore’s Fells Point.

And then by Thursday morning, I’ll be back at my desk overlooking National Harbor. But damn, it’s been one helluva run.

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