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This past weekend, Fordham & Dominion proved once again that there’s more to Delaware than Wayne’s World would have us believe with their Free Tour & Holiday Movie Marathon Day over the weekend

You see, I’m a sucker for anything Christmas-related, so when they combined Christmas activities with beer, I was there.

We decorated cookies, made hop and malt “ornaments,” watched “A Christmas Story” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” curled up under blankets on a couch inside the brewery (so cool), saw old friends, and made some new ones — like Bigs' amazingly adorable dog named Taco. Yes, Taco.

And of course, we drank beer. Lots and lots of beer. There were the usual favorites like the rich Fordham Doppelbock and light-bodied Dominion Oak Barrel Stout, but apparently this event was also serving as a “soft opening” for a test batch of Fordham’s newest offering:

Route 1 Session IPA

Now before I talk about this beer, I need to be honest with you guys: I have a complicated, love-hate relationship with IPAs. Sometimes I’m a fan. But often I feel like I’m being physically accosted and beaten in the face with a fistful of hops. Basically, it’s a style of beer that I am still easing my way into. 

Thankfully, even with their test batch, Fordham has made my foray into IPAs much, much easier. 

The Route 1 Session IPA is a crisp beer with a delightfully surprising amount of body and depth. It definitely has the aroma and bite of a strong hop-profile, but it’s balanced by a good malt showing. And yet, it still has the light, refreshing body that you want from a session beer.

Though I was excited to try it once I heard about it upon my arrival, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. But after one sip, I was happily proven wrong. Then I pushed my cup into the hands of Patrick — who also joins me in my occasional, skeptical side-eyeing of IPAs.

Lo and behold, he really liked it too. 

Of course, I immediately snatched my cup back from him and finished it myself because sharing is not something us only children are great at. 

I’m interested to see what they tweak in the recipe, but as-is, I really dig it. Will hardcore hopheads love this beer? I hope so. It’s a great gateway brew for people like me who are a little IPA-shy. Not only that, while it might not be the OMG ALL THE HOPS EVER they’re looking for, it’s a great, all-day drinker — clocking in at about 4 percent — that just tastes damned good. 

And really, that’s all I ask of my beers.

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