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It’s probably going to take me about… eight years to write this, because two days ago I somehow injured my left hand, which resulted in a trip to the ER early this morning. Only I could somehow manage to ~*~*~mysteriously~*~*~ injury myself. 

I’m just going to tell myself it’s because I’m too metal, and then I’ll tell everyone else that I engaged a bear in an epic battle. I won, of course. 

So, last night was a pretty big night. Not only was it Repeal Day, it was also the sixth anniversary of when I called Patrick drunk at 1:30 a.m. and asked him to be my boyfriend. True story. My exact words actually were, “F*ck it, let’s do it. Let’s date.” I didn’t even say hello first.

I’m a classy broad.

Anyway, last night was also yet another reminder of how much I love living in Annapolis rather than in Washington. Instead of being yelled at by people, honked at by taxis or pooped on by pigeons, we go to town events like last night’s Midnight Madness and run into friends, listen to carolers and brass quartets, while popping in and out of shops on Main Street. Literally Main Street.

That’s what Patrick and I did last night to celebrate. After I hit up the Dogfish tasting at Mills, we picked up our first real Christmas tree together — Frasier (Fir) Crane. We tied it up on the roof of my buddy, Wolfgang, Prius of Destiny, and headed back downtown for the festivities. We drank egg nog at Galway Bay. We shopped. We picked out the ribbon topper for our tree. We bought some beer. We sang along to Christmas songs in the street. It was perfect. 

Big city life was great in a lot of ways, don’t get me wrong. But it’s nice to be surrounded by more smiles and… less things that smell like pee.

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